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Hi, I'm looking for a transition between two of my body paragraphs in my essay. My essay is on the deterioration of the relationsip btw Lord &Lady Macbeth.

I used 'unfortunatly, the ...' as can be read below to link body paragraphs 1 & 2.

...Subsequently, it becomes clear that the relationship between Lord and Lady Macbeth is very loving; rooted in honesty, support, and communication.

Unfortunately, the first cracks in their relationship appear soon after Duncan’s regicide...

I am having difficulty coming up with a paragraph transition between paragraph 2 & 3.

In paragrapgh 2 I talk about how macbeth fails to tell his wife of his plan to kill Banquo and Macduff's family. This is the last few sentences

" . This is either perhaps he thinks he should disapprove since the slaughter of Macduff's family has no instrumental value, or because he no longer values her opinion. Overall, it is becomes clear that the relationship between Lord and Lady Macbeth has drastically changed from the honest and trusting relationship they had at the start of the play.

The following paragrapgh talks about his lack of emotion when he is told about her death and about how he seems to be indifferent towards her.
I would appreciate you could help me come up with a transition phrase between the 2 paragraphs

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    You could begin that 3rd paragraph with "Further, ..." or "In addition, ... "

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