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I am doing a comic on Romeo and Juliet and I can't find a cartoon character who can be Tybalt. Have any ideas? The cartoon character can be from a disney movie or from a television series. It can even be a villian. I really need help. thank you:)

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    Can someone please help me

  • (Need an idea) Literature if considered that -

    My school did a production called "Just Another High School Play" which is basically just a parody of a bunch of different famous plays. In our play, when the "director" said "bring out Tybalt" instead, we brought out a Tigger puppet. Tigger has nothing to do with Tybalt of course, but this was just a joke. It was just very unexpected, and if you used Tigger, it would sort of show that while Tybalt is villaneous, at heart, he's just a young teenager.

  • (Need an idea) Literature if considered that -

    Thanks for that wonderful idea but I would rather have a human character. Thanks though.

  • (Need an idea) Literature if considered that -

    Yeah I wasn't sure if it'd be quite right...I do have some other suggestions though. I always pictured him as a sort of Captain Cook from Peter Pan, or maybe Lord Voldemort that'd be creepy...or the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk.

  • (Need an idea) Literature if considered that -

    Here are some ideas:



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