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If the molar mass of ASA is 180.2 g/mol, how many moles of ASA were stated by rhe manufacturer to be present in the tablet tested? (Manufacturer stated 325mg Set up as Conversion factor)
Can someone please show me ho to work it out?

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    (a) (325mg)(0.001g/1.00mg)=0.325g
    The conversion factor is (0.001g/1.00mg)

    (b) (0.325g)(1 moleASA/180.2g) = _______moles ASA
    Can you pick the conversion factor in this step?

    Note: The conversion of 325mg to moles can be done in two separate steps as shown above or in a single "setup":
    (325mg)(0.001g/1.00mg)(1 moleASA/180.2g) = ____ moles ASA

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    thank you GK

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