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in Baker v. Carr the Court declared that congressional districts had to be apportioned on the basis of
a. one person, one vote
b. the desires of the party in power
c. long-standing practice
d. a loose construction of the Constitution


the Weathermen alarmed most Americans because of their
a. march on the Pentagon
b. violent tactics
c. ideas about the country
d. angry speeches


many Republicans in the Senate objected to Article 10 of the plan for the League of Nations because they feared that
a. the cost would be too high
b. the nation would be dragged into foreign wars
c. Russia would join the League
d. Germany would rebuild its military power


why were magazine stories such as the Ragged Dick series so popular?
a. they engaged in yellow journalism
b. they described how wealthy American lived
c. they appealed to Americans' hopes and dreams
d. they explored popular sports, such as baseball


the Warren Commission declared that the Kennedy assassination
a. was the act of a single man
b. was part of a larger conspiracy
c. resulted from poor security
d. could have been avoided


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    Great! All of your answers are right!

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