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MySurvey is aware of members attempting to refer: (i) multiple persons in the same household; or (ii) the same person using multiple e-mail and/or residential addresses. In addition to violating the Referral Program Rules and/or the Affiliate Referral Rules, such actions constitute acts of fraud in violation of 18 U.S.C. sec. 1029 in addition to, where applicable, state criminal statutes. Maximum penalties for first time offenders include ten years imprisonment and/or substantial fines. Any members engaging in such fraud will be barred from further access and/or participating in any MySurvey referral programs, will lose all MySurvey Reward Points, and will be reported by MySurvey to the appropriate federal and state authorities for prosecution.

Is this acurate if I make some name up, hence not fraud because I'm not trying to imposter anybody... it's all made up is it illegal?

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