English- looking for an art teacher to interview

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HI, I made a post a day ago except I can't find it so...

In english I am doing a report on erasers. I have to have an interview which has to consist of at least 10 questions. They can be informational or opinion. Anyway, I need someone to interview so I was thinking maybe a art teacher. Are there any art teachers on here?


  • English- looking for an art teacher to interview -


  • English- looking for an art teacher to interview -

    I don't know of any art teachers on the board. Theatre, languages, sciences of all sorts, English, History

  • English- looking for an art teacher to interview -

    ok thanks, do you have any idea about who i could interview?

  • English- looking for an art teacher to interview -

    I guess I could interview just a teacher. doesn't have to be art.

    If your a teacher and are ok with me interviewing you via e-mail, please tell me:)


  • English- looking for an art teacher to interview -

    Nope, we do not work through E-mail. If you have questions, post them and one of the teachers will be happy to answer them.

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