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1. When something goes wrong, she takes care of it.

2. When something goes bad, she takes care of it.

3. When something goes false, she takes care of it.

4. When something goes well, she will be happy.

5. When something goes good, she will be happy.

(#1 is correct, isn't it? What about others? Are they grammatcial? Would you check the sentences?)

6. She speakes into the microphone.
6-1. She speaks through the microphone.
6-2. She speaks with the microphone.
6-3. She speaks on the microphone.
6-4. She speaks at the microphone.
(Which ones are correct? Which prepositions can we use?)

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    3. When something goes false? Don't use that one. You could substitute "rotten."

    5. When something goes good. Don't use that one. Perhaps a synonym? splendidly

    6.-1 Through the microphone seems awkward - by means of

    You might like the following list of prepositions:



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