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i did a tercet poem. can you please tell me if its a good poem please or if there are any mistakes? thanks.

The Funny Dog

I saw a dog
He was walking in the fog
So he couldn’t see and got stuck in a log.

He can jump up high
So he likes to pretend he can fly
Up in the big blue sky.

He’s really really fat
So he sits on a mat
And all day, chews on a hat.

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    John, here is a really good site on different types of tercet poems.

    Yes, your poem is fine. I would shorten a couple of lines to make it flow a little better.

    "who walked in a fog,
    he couldn't see and stuck in a log. ( or fell in a bog)

    And I would change this line to
    and pretends he can fly.

    By the way, thought you would like to know that the teachers here are really proud of how hard you are working. Good job.

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