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What are some ways that global peace would create freedom? I know that everyone would be free to do what they want.

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    To quote Franklin Roosevelt, global peace would bring:

    Freedom from fear
    Freedom from want
    Freedom of religion
    Freedom of speech and expression


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    Thank you that is very helpful. Can you just please explain to me what freedom from want means because it doesn't really explain it that well.

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    The third is freedom from want--which, translated into universal terms, means economic understandings which will secure to every nation a healthy peacetime life for its inhabitants--everywhere in the world.

    It means that everyone should have a healthy peacetime life -- with food, shelter, and medical care.

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    Well a lot of the problems with war are centered around religion...like israel vs. palistine (Jews vs. Muslims) and Israel vs. Iran (once again Jews vs. Muslims) And also forms of govt...Ex. Capitalism/democracy vs. Totalitarian govt. (fascism/communism)

    It seems to me that most of it now a days is because of religion...the muslims have such an issue with Americans because they are so devout in their religion (even though they are extremists) and they see how we carry on our lives...not praying 6 times a day formally, and stuff like that...so basically to answer your question and to add to the earlier answer, i would say freedom of religion without threat of being murdered because of how you choose to worship (A lot of the Genocidal/ethnic cleansing practices that have occured were fueled by conflicting religious ideals) and also freedom to run a particular country with whatever form of govt one chooses...the chances of either of these happening are very very very rare...i would say impossible...

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