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1. Identify the NC in each of the following sentences. Tell whether it is a Subject Noun Clause, an Object Noun Clause or an extraposed subject Noun Clause.

a.For Karen to quit now would be foolish. [subject noun clause]
b.Betty knew that I was busy. [subject noun clause]
c.My brother likes his friends to entertain him. [object noun clause]
d.We regret that we can’t see you more often.[object noun clause]
e.It is fitting that she receive the award. [extraposed noun clause]

Are these correct?

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    Which words in each sentence do you think is the NC?

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    a. For Karen to quit now
    b. that I was busy
    c. My brother likes his friends
    d. that we can't see you more often
    e. that she receive the award

    I think those are it. I'm uncertain about (a) and (c).

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    a. correct

    b. incorrect (Noun clause is correct, but its use in the sentence is not.)

    c. incorrect (I see no NC in that sentence.)

    d. correct

    e. correct

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    So I'm supposing then that in (b) the whole sentence is the subject noun clause.

    In (c) then...the clause is not a noun clause because it doesn't perform the function of one?

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    For b:
    NC = that I was busy
    But it's not serving as the subject. Think about what the other words are doing and then this NC's job should be obvious.

    For c:
    A noun clause (or any kind of clause) must have its own subject and verb. Sentence (c) doesn't have that. It has --

    My = possessive pronoun
    brother = noun, subject
    likes = main verb
    his = possessive pronoun
    friends = noun, direct object
    to entertain = infinitive verb form
    him = pronoun, direct object of the infinitive

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    Ohhhh... I thought in essence any sentence then would have a clause. Thank you, that was enlightening.

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    You're very welcome!

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