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A 32-u oxygen molecule (O2) moving in the +x direction at 580 m/s collides with an oxygen atom (mass 16 u) moving at 870 m/s at 27 degrees to the x axis. The particles stick together to form an ozone molecule. Find the velocity of the ozone. Express your answer in terms of the units vectors i and j.

I know my i is 645 and my J is 132 but for my answer do I just put fo my final velocity i=645m/s

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    In the x direction, conservation of momentum says
    (32*580) + (16 cos27*870)= 48 Vx
    Vx = 645
    16 sin27*870 = 48 Vy
    Vy = 132
    Write the answer as
    V(final) = 645i + 132j m/s
    since they want both components.

    Actually an O2 + O -> O3 reaction would not work in the manner described, but that would require a lesson in chemistry. The kinetic energy lost in the collision, together with chemical reaction energy, would cause the O3 molecule to break apart

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