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how to integrate:

y' = 2xy/(x^2-y^2)

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    first of all, the first y doesn't need a 1 exponent, so when you fix that error, you can ask that algebraic equation of a question.!.

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    I will assume that by y' you mean dy/dx

    so it looks like your derivative is the result of an implicit derivative.

    so le't work it backwards

    y'(x^2 - y^2) = 2xy
    y'x^2 - y'y^2 - 2xy = 0

    looks like it could have been
    (x^2)(y) - (1/3)y^3 = 0

    let's differentiate:
    x^2(y') + y(2x) - y^2y' = 0

    sure enough!! it works

    I must admit there was no real method to what I did, just some observation of patterns and lucky guessing.

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    Reiny is right...sharpay sweetie you really need to know what your talkin about before you answer someones don't want people thinking of you as a you know...ditz as i like to say...good luck in life sharpay and keep it up REINY!!

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