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10xy-15x^2= 5xy(2x-3)factor out GCF

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    I can't decide if you want to factor the equation 10xy-15x^2= 5xy(2x-3) or if you
    say the GCF of 10xy-15x^2 is 5xy(2x-3)

    if it is the latter than the GCF of
    10xy - 15x^2 is either 5x or (2y - 5x)
    depending on the values of x and y.

    if you want to factor the equation, then ...
    10xy-15x^2 - 5xy(2x-3) = 0
    10xy-15x^2 - 10x^2y + 15xy = 0
    25xy - 10x^2y = 0
    5xy(5 - 2x) = 0

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