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1. The quilt club is greatly exciting.

2. The mountain climbing club is badly interesting.

3. The courses and careers club is great fun. (Can we say "...good fun"?)

4. The ping-pong club is exceedingly interesting.

5. The robot manufacture club is terrific.

(Are they all grammatical? I'd like to know more expressions which I can use instead of 'very'. Would you let me know more?)

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    1 -- The quilting club ...

    2 -- The mountain climbing club is very interesting. (You don't want to use "badly" -- it's a negative.)

    3 -- I'd change it to just "the careers club" and then use either "great" or "good" before "fun." They mean about the same thing.

    4 is fine.

    5 -- The robotics club is terrific.

    Other than "very," you can also use any of the following, but not always interchangeably:


    Here's a thesaurus search for "very" --
    If you browse through the adverbs, you'll find LOTS of words, although a few of the longer words will not always work well as a substitute in the sentences you're working with right now.

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