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What would my argumentative topic sentence be when I'm talking about freedom from war being better than the freedom of global peace?

The freedom that war creates is better than the freedom of global peace. ( I think that it sounds weak)

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    How do you plan to support this topic sentence?

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    with the pros and cons of war and freedom and the pros and cons of global peace and freedom. I'm going to expand on each point.

    I just think the wording sounds right

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    What freedom does war create?

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    I don't know. I need another thing for my next pro/con paragraph. Maybe that's just not the right word. The pro/cons of war and happiness and the pro/cons of global peace and happiness

    So for the pros of war & happiness I can put people go to war to fight for their independence, expand national boundries ( because by doing this it makes them happy)

    The pros of gp and happiness would be that there would be no laws, no governments

    This is hard when your against global peace so you have to be in favor of war

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    Whoa!! You're on the wrong track!

    The pros of gp and happiness would be that there would be no laws, no governments

    That is totally wrong. People every where, whether at peace or at war, need and have laws and government.

    And you need to find what freedom is brought by war.

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    Kara, are you actually thinking about all this? Or are you just posting whatever comes into your head and waiting for Ms. Sue to rewrite your sentences for you?

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