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Difference between "qui est-ce qui" and
"qui est-ce que" and also between
"qu'est-ce qui" and "qu'est-ce que"

1) who is there - qui est-ce qui est là
2) what is there - qu'est-ce qui est là

3) whom do you see - qui est-ce que tu
4) what do you see - qu'est-ce que tu
4a) what do you want - qu'est-ce que tu
veux? Qu'est-ce que tu voudrais?

Are these correct? Thank you!

  • FRENCH -another question -

    Let me try a chart here to explain:

    who? whom?(persons) what?(things)
    subject qui qu'est-ce qui
    of verb qui est-ce qui
    of verb
    qui que (qu')
    qui est-ce que qu'est-ce que
    (qu') (qu')
    of verb qui que (qu')
    qui est-ce que
    after a
    tion qui quoi

    Qui le fera?
    Who will do it?
    Qui est-ce qui le fera?
    Who will do it?

    Qu'est-ce qui est tombé?
    What fell?

    Qui cherchez-vous?
    Whom are you looking for?
    Qui est-ce que vous cherchez?
    Whom are you looking for?

    Que cherchez-vous?
    What are you looking for?
    Qu'est-ce que vous cherchez?
    What are you looking for?

    À qui pensez-vous?
    Of whom are you thinking?

    À quoi pensez-vous?
    Of what are you thinking?

    1. As an interrogative pronoun, "qui" may be used (for persons) in all 3 cases: as subject of a verb, as direct object of a verb , and after a preposition.

    2. The "e" of "que" is dropped bef ore a word beginning with a vowel; the "i" of "qui" is never dropped.

    3. After the direct-object f orms "qui" and "que" the wor d order is inverted; after the long forms, the word order is regular.

    You had no difficulty with the sentences.

    Sra (aka Mme)

  • FRENCH -another question -

    Merci beaucoup!

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