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Bonjour et Joyeux Pâques!
Could you please check the following;
my question concerns the use of LEUR and LEURS
I know that it is "leur voiture" and
"leurs enfants" but I would like to clarify the sentences below:

1) je LEUR donne quelque chose
1a) je LEUR donne un livre
2) je LEUR donne quelques choses
2a) je lEUR donne quelques livres

Is "leur" correct in all the above?

3) nous LEURS donnons quelque chose
3a) nous LEURS donnons un livre
4) nous LEURS donnons quelques choses
4a) nous LEURS donnons des livres

Is LEURS correct in all the above?

5) je lEUR pose un question
6) ils LEURS posent un question

Is that correct??
Does it depend on whether "singular" or "plural" is doing the "giving" or the

Thank you sooooooooo much!

  • FRENCH to SraJMcGin -

    First of all "leur" might be an indirect-object pronoun: Je leur parle = I am speaking to them. It is also a possessive adjective.
    my = mon, ma, mes
    your = ton, ta, tes
    his/her/its = son, sa, ses
    our = notre, nos
    your = votre, vos
    ***their = leur, leurs

    First set 1-4, all correct, indirect-object pronoun.

    Second set 1-4, all wrong. You wrote the possessive adjective plural but you need the indirect-object pronoun "leur."
    Nous leur donnons, etc.

    5) je lEUR pose un question good, except for "une" question
    6) ils LEURS posent un question (no, because you need the indiriect-object pronoun and not the possessive adjective plural plus "une" with question.

    Look at it this way:
    possessive adjective = leur, leurs
    leur maison, leurs amis
    indirect-object pronoun = leur
    Nous leur donnons le livre = We give to them the book (literally).

    Sra (aka Mme)

  • FRENCH to SraJMcGin -


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