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I'm doing a pro/con argumentative essay. Is this topic sentence argumentative?

The benefits of war and economics are better than global peace.

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    War and global peace... balance. Economics doesn't fit in there.

    I would say the global benefits of war are better than those of peace.

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    but the paragraph is going to be on the pros and cons of economics of war and global peace

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    Perhaps your thesis sentence could be:

    The global economic benefits of war are better than the economic benefits of peace.


    The world benefits more economically from war than from peace.


    War brings more global economic benefits than does peace.

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    I agree with Ms. Sue, but its not clear whether you're talking about a specific country, because obviously the whole world wouldn't benefit from war, but some countries would.

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    You may not be fond of GOOGLE Searches, but they allow you to pick and choose which sites you'd like to peruse:


    If your thesis statement is bold (as in a debate) or controversial it will grab the reader's attention. Whether you select a "pro" or "con" stand, you must also present the opposite view, so you can "rebuttal" that.

    So, take a stand and be ready to support it.


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