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1. I drink a coke.
2. I drink a Coke.
3. I drink cola.
4. I drink a cola.
5. I drink a glass of coke.
6. I drink a glass of cola.

(Which expressions are correct?)

7. My favorite food is seafood, rawfish, dumplings, salad, and live octopuses. (Is this sentence grammatical? Do I have to use 'My favorite foods are.....)

8. I like soy bean paste soup.
9. I like soft beancurd soup.
10. I like boiled squids. It's great to dip pieces of boiled squids into a vinegar hot pepper paste.

(Are the sentences right?)

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    1 - 6 are all correct except that when you are referring to colas with the brand name Coca Cola ("Coke") be sure to use capital "C" -- the word "cola" is generic and can be used for any brand, such as Pepsi or others.

    7 - Since you have named several types of food, you should use the plural (although "types of food" is better than "foods"). Also, it's "raw fish" (2 words).

    8 - 10 are all correct except for the word "squids" -- usually this word is used only in its singular form, no -s attached.

    There are several words in English that are used only in the singular form even if you mean plural. Here are a few examples:

    bread (for plural, you'd say "loaves of bread" or "slices of bread")
    fish (I've seen "fishes" but usually as a verb or by a young child who is still straightening out his/her grammar!)

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