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When I drink cola, I read a book. When I read a book, I think of my friend. When I think of my friend, I feel happy.
When I feel happy, I smile. When I smile, I feel refreshed. When I feel refreshed, I move in the living room. When I move in the living room, I listen to an MP3 player. When I listen to an MP3 player, I learn a lot. When I learn a lot, I can get good marks on the final test. When I get good marks on the final test, my parents are happy. When my parents are happy, they buy something for me. When they buy something for me, I say "Thank you." When I say "Thank you.", they feel happy. When they feel happy, I feel happy too. When I feel happy too, we live in a happy life.

(Would you check the passage above? Correct errors, please. Thank you.)

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    When I feel refreshed, I go into the living room. When I go into the living room, I listen to my MP3 player.

    (I don't know how you can learn alot from your MP3 player???)

    Otherwise Sounds Good

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    Through educational MP3 files, we can learn a lot... Thank you.

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    That's true. I didn't think about that sorry. Your welcome

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