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accounting srajmcgain thank you

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1)the monthly service chrage of $15. is it b)deducted from the checkbook or deducted from the bank statement balance.2)interest earned by the company on an investment and automtically deposited to the companys account. is either a or c. A)added to checkbook balance C) added to the bank statement balance.thank you so much foe helping me with everything i really needed thid help and appreciate it. thank you once again

  • accounting srajmcgain thank you -

    1. That depends upon the arrangement made with the bank. My bank debits the account, just as if I had written a check. It appears on the bank statement first and then you deduct it from the checkbook.

    2. Interest automatically deposited appears first on the bank statement balance and then you add it to the checkbook balance. Both must agree.


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