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All people have their own perspectives of war as being ideological human activity.


All people have their own perspectives of war a being idelogical.

Which one of these is correct? If not how can i fix it. Thank You

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    The adjective "ideological" needs to describe people -- because only people can have ideas. War cannot have ideas!!

    Try breaking it into two sentences and being very straightforward about what you're trying to say. Then re-post.

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    All people have their own perspectives about ideological human activity related to war.

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    "Human activity" is not people or a person.

    All people have their own ideologies about war.


    All people have their own perspectives about the reasons for war.



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    His books are still around. You would do yourself a favor with reading How to write better, or his other topics similar. They are quick reads, before a Friday night date.

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    This website is really a good one, too.

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