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Can someone please check my work?

Some friends are at a restaurant for lunch. However, the waiter mixes up their orders. Write what each person orders and what the waiter serves in complete sentences.

modelo: bistec (Raúl)/pollo: Raúl pide bistec pero el camarero sirve pollo.

1. pescado (Irma y Raúl)ensalada: Irma y Raúl piden pescado pero el camarero sirve ensalada.

2. brócoli(Irma y yo)/tomate: Irmy y yo pedimos brócoli pero el camarero sirve tomate.

3. arroz(Raúl y tú)/patatas: Raúl y tú pedís arroz pero el camarero sirve patatas.

4. pescado (Yo)/verduras: Yo pido pescado pero el camarero sirve verduras.

You are having friends over for lunch. Write three sentences about what you serve each person.

1. Yo sirvo un sándwich de jamón y queso a James.
2. Yo sirvo la sopa a Edward.
3. Yo sirvo la pizza a Jon.

Write sentences using servir or pedir. Follow the model.

modelo: Mis abuelos/la cena (servir)
Mis abuelos sirven la cena.

1. Maribel/patatas (pedir)
Maribel pide patatas.

2. mi herman y yo/tomates (pedir)
Mi herman y yo pedimos tomates.

3. vosotros/las verduras (servir)
Vosotros servís las verduras.

4. y/el postre (pedir)
Yo pido el postre.

5. tú/el pastel (servir)
Tú sirves el pastel.

Are they correct? If not, what can I change?
Muchas Gracias!

  • Spanish #2 -

    Yo sirvo = When there is an indirect object noun, it is still best grammar to precede the verb with the indirect-object pronoun. = Yo le sirvo a James

    That is for all 3 of the 2nd set.

    Everything else is perfect!


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