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I thought I understood this but now I read a couple of conflicting sentences; could you please check this and correct the errors?

1) je vois ma soeur
je LA vois

2) je vois mon frère
je LE vois

3) je parle avec ma soeur
je parle avec ELLE
je parle à ma soeur
je parle à ELLE
je LA parle (or "je LUI parle)?

4) je parle avec mon frère
je parle avec LUI
je LE parle (or "je lui parle")?

5) je parle avec toi
je TE parle (right)

I am sorry, I know this is pretty elementary but I think learning languages is like building a house;
gammar - in my opinion - is the foundation and the vocabulary the stories. I feel that unless you have a rock-solid foundation, you cannot make a tall building, because the foundation will not support many stories.
Merci en avance de votre aid!

  • FRENCH -

    3. Je lui parle. = I speak, do speak, am speaking TO HER (indirect-object pronoun)

    5. je parle avec toi = je te parle = right = I speak, do speak, am speaking TO YOU.

    Here's the problem with the French.

    Je le/la/les vois = I see HIM/IT, HER/IT, THEM. (direct object pronouns.

    Je lui/leur parle = I speak TO HIM, TO HER, TO THEM. (indirect-object pronoun)

    When you see the English: I write him. you need to REWORD it to "I write (a letter, etc. = direct object) TO HIM (indirect-object pronoun.

    If when you reword it you either say or have understood TO, FOR, AT, FROM you have a indirect-object pronoun.

    I have review sheets but I suspect you don't really need them. Just let me know! :)

    I used to tell my students in Level I: you are building a wall. You must have a firm foundation upon which you will build Level II. Then you need a firm foundation to build Level III. If you draw a well with GAPS, they quickly see how the wall falls down on the next level.

    In fact, in Level V we used to look at the "hit list" (the mistakes they kept making) and there were NOT from Level IV or even III, but usually Level I OR Level II. In my book, Level II is the most important of all, because it reviews Level I and starting with Level III, you've had all the grammar. Then you put whatever you have to work! :)

    Sra (aka Mme)

  • FRENCH -

    Thank you so very much!

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