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You are taking a road trip to the beach for Spring Break. You leave at 12:00 pm. At 12:30 you stop for lunch 10 miles down the roads. You get back on the road and travel 75 more miles and realize that you need to stop for gas. You notice that it is now 1:10 pm. At the point in the trip, what is your average velocity in miles per hour?

Is it 72.6 mi/hr

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    You travelled 85 miles in 70 minutes (7/6 hour). Your average speed up to that time is 85/(7/6) = 72.86 mph

    How did you get 72.6?

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    it was 1 of the options from the text book.
    a- 1.21 mi/hr
    b- 55 mi/hr
    c- 65 mi/hr
    d- 72.6 mi/hr

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