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Please help with this problem!

Brandon wishes to fence in a rectangular area of his lawn for his rabbit. If the measure, in feet, of each side of the enclosure is a positive integer and the perimeter of the enclosure is 70 feet, what is positive difference between the area of the largest possible enclosure and the area of the smallest possible enclosure he could build?

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    this looks more like a logic problem
    the largest rectangle for a given perimeter is a square.
    so for a perimeter of 70 feet, each side of the square must be 70/4 = 17.5 feet, and the area is 306.25 feet^2

    the smallest "enclosure" would have an area of zero, so 306.25 would be the difference.

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    Thank you so much...AGAIN!! lol

    [: I really appreciate your help!

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    So far I need help too. I have the problem solved to 20ft for width and 15ft for height which would help to solve the area(15×20=300). I have this same problem and I need help to find the smallest area. Would that be zero? I am clueless.

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