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I had my English teacher correct my paper for government, and she marked a few things I wasn't sure of. Like she said "more so" was one word, and I know it's two. Well, anyway, she said this is a run-on sentence, and maybe I just can't see it, but it doesn't look like one to me. Is it? Thanks for the help.

A thorough understanding of others’ cultures can give us great insight to many things, but should be valued above all else solely because being kind, considerate and understanding is the correct thing to do, especially when it comes to foreigners who can often feel lost, confused and alone in our unique first-world country.

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    A through understand of others' cultures can give us great insight to many things, but should be valued above all else = one independent clause

    solely because being kind, considerate, and understanding is the correct thing to do = one dependent clause

    especially when it comes to foreigners = another dependent clause

    who can often fell lost, confused, and alone in our unique first-world country = yet another dependent clause.

    So ... it's not a run-on, but it's too long and convoluted. How can you rephrase so that you have two acceptable sentences, not the too-long one?

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    who can often feel lost...


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