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Spanish #2

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Can someone check my sentences?

Write four sentences about what you do when you go to a restaurant. Remember to mention how you go, what you do and what you order.

Voy a la restaurante en coche. Yo pedir el pollo y la ensalada a comer. También yo pedir jugo de naranja a beber. Por último, pago la cuenta.

Are they correct? If not, what can I change?


  • Spanish #2 -

    Use the first person form of the verb instead of the infinitive... yo pedir is not correct.

  • Spanish #2 -

    This had better be number 1 on your Hit List:
    1. Each sentence has a conjugated verb to agree with the subject.
    Yo pedir = Yo pido (2 places)
    In front of "jugo" either "un" or "el"


  • Spanish #2 -

    Yo voy al restaurante en mi coche. Yo voy a pedir el pollo y la ensalada para comer, y un jugo de naraja de bebida. Por ultimo pagare la cuenta.

  • Spanish #2 -

    i know a little spanish.......

    me gusta la colores marado,negre,e verde

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