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Calculate the solubility of silver chloride in a solution that is 0.140 M in NH3.

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    1.Write the equations for AgCl, Ag(NH3)2, and NH3. For example, AgCl ==> Ag^+ + Cl^-,
    Ag^+ + 2NH3 ==> Ag(NH3)2^+ ,
    and the NH3 + H2O ==> NH4^+ + OH^-

    2. Write the Ksp for AgCl, Kb for NH3, and Kformation for Ag(NH3)2.

    3. Solubility AgCl = (Cl^-) = (Ag^+) + [Ag(NH3)2^+].

    4. Write mass balance equations.
    For example, [Cl^-]= (Ag^+) + [Ag(NH3)2^+]
    0.140 = (NH3) + (NH4^+) + 2[Ag(NH3)2^+]
    and (OH^-) = (NH4^+)

    5. Make appropriate assumptions to reduce the number of equations (you should reduce the six equations to three) and solve for Ag^+, Ag(NH3)2^+, and Cl^-. Three equations and three unknowns. Post all of your work if you get stuck.

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