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English grammar check please

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If someone could check these sentences for me that would be great.

sentence beginning with a present participle:
Beginning with Tom's conviction, Jem's belief in justice and the basic good of humanity is badly damaged.

sentence that begins with a past participle:
Brught to an understanding about Atticus's lessons, Scout finally sees Boo Radley as a full human being by the end of the story.

sentence beginning with an adverb:
Quickly, it is shown that the father of characters Scout and Jem is a morally good person who wants very much to do the right thing, the moral thing, as an example to the children.
Thanks very much.

  • English grammar check please -

    They all look fine to me.

    I'd change a little wording in that last one, though -- get rid of the wordiness: Instead of "... it is shown that the father of characters Scout and Jem ... " try this:

    ... Scout and Jem's father demonstrates ...

    I wonder about the word "Quickly" though -- do you mean early in the story?

  • English grammar check please -

    Thank you!!!

  • English grammar check please -

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