English grammar check please

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If someone could check these sentences for me that would be great.

sentence beginning with a present participle:
Beginning with Tom's conviction, Jem's belief in justice and the basic good of humanity is badly damaged.

sentence that begins with a past participle:
Brught to an understanding about Atticus's lessons, Scout finally sees Boo Radley as a full human being by the end of the story.

sentence beginning with an adverb:
Quickly, it is shown that the father of characters Scout and Jem is a morally good person who wants very much to do the right thing, the moral thing, as an example to the children.
Thanks very much.

  • English grammar check please -

    They all look fine to me.

    I'd change a little wording in that last one, though -- get rid of the wordiness: Instead of "... it is shown that the father of characters Scout and Jem ... " try this:

    ... Scout and Jem's father demonstrates ...

    I wonder about the word "Quickly" though -- do you mean early in the story?

  • English grammar check please -

    Thank you!!!

  • English grammar check please -

    Media refers to various means used to convey information. There are different types of media for example, television, radio, and the newspaper, press or news reporting agencies. Different types of media have different effect on people. Most of the medias are designed to reach large number of people, some are equipped to target specific audience, but television reaches more people than any other media.
    No matter how busy we are in our life we want to be aware of things going around us. From a simple discount on our grocery list to our bigger achievements like buying a new house we want to be informed to get maximum profit.
    After watching the video THE CORPORATION [17/23] Unsettling Accounts, I strongly believe that media is required to tell the truth. It is our rights to know the truth. I don’t know either that growth hormone is still in our milk or they completely removed it, I’ve been drinking the same milk since 2007, and I don’t see any changes in me neither in my family members. Although we don’t believe that media always tell the truth, it is our choice to ignore or believe the media, but we need some kind of medium to connect us to the fact. Media should be required to tell the truth, and media must tell the truth.

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