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please check these:
To help improve conditions for migrant farm workers, Cesar Chaves organized
a. a march on Washington
b. a suite in the Supreme Court
c. consumer boycotts of produce picke don nonunions farms
d. the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund


In the 1960s, the feminist movement grew in part as a result of
a. the publication of Ladies' home Journal
b. the Roe v. Wade decision
c. Betty Friedan's book The Feminine Mystique
d. the encouragement of Phyllis Schlfly


In foreign affaris, perhaps Nixon's greatest accomplishments was
a. abandoning realpolitik, or practical politics
b. bringing about detente with the Soviet Union and with China
c. establishing the People's Republic of China
d. ending the Vietnam War with a resounding American victory

i'm not sure about this one,..can i get some help please?

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