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I haveto write 3 sentences that begin with subordinating conjunctions (including correct use of comma). The words in caps lock are my, but is it right if some sentences don't have comma's?
1. ALTHOUGH THE themes of murder, law and justice, and family values are also evident in To Kill a Mockingbird, the main theme is that of moral nature and the wrongful judging of one who has done no wrong.

2. BECAUSE OF his exposure to racism even Jem was deprived of his innocence.

3. ULTIMATELY the question from the theme of whether people are good or evil, the exixtence of morality, shows to Jem and Scout that there is a basic good present in most people. (in this sentence: the existence of morality, I used as an appositive phrase, is that correct also?
Thanks for your help

  • English essay - Check -

    1. law and justice = is this what you want OR law, and justice,

    2. I'd put a comma before even = , even...

    3. ULTIMATELY, ...exixtence (spelling) existence...shows = show (don't you have a compound subject here?) ... OR it is just to explain "good or evil."


  • English essay - Check -

    Now that I rad #3 again it sort of doesn't make sense. I was trying to start it with a subordinating conjunction but also get my appositive phrase in also. I think it is to explain good and evil. Does it make sense to you?

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    Yes, it does.


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