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What are some physical concepts of being pro war (meaning I'm against global peace) besides economics & religion

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    Lots of dead and wounded soldiers.

    What do YOU THINK?

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    So Far I have used being pro-war diminishes population, increases economic well being creates benefical technology advancements, and religion. I need two more physical concepts of being pro-war (and we are against global peace)

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    All those wounded troops will need lots of medical care, usually for the rest of their lives. Lots of jobs could be created to take care of all these issues -- doctors, nurses, physical therapists, etc.

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    I have that already under my economic advancements

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    Good God. How do you figure that war is an economic advantage. Much infrastructure is destroyed, sometimes entire countries...buildings, houses, bridges, schools, churches, orchards, farm livestock and so on. Both sides incur great amounts of debt which supported the war, and will have to repay that debt. In several notable instances in history, the debt has brought down countries.

    Now your point on diminishing population. Geepers, so killing your family is a plus? What about jews? And blacks? Old people? This "postive" point of war is beyond me.

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