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Business Communication

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Identify which of the following sentences uses modifiers correctly.

(a) Kurt and his hockey teammates nearly cooked two hundred pancakes for the breakfast fundraising event.

(b) Rudolph enjoys eating curries from the Indian delicatessen with a lot of spices

(c) One the phone, the telemarketer persuaded the new homeowners to purchase extended warranties on all their new appliances.

(d) Bridget decuded to leave her career as an attorney and pursue acting during the meditation retreat.

I don't know if I'm looking too deep into this or what-

(a) I can't find anything wrong with it but I feel like something is wrong.

(b) I think it needs to be reworded with something like: Rudolph enjoys eating curries with lots of spices from the Indian delicatessen

(c) Do you really need to include on the phone?

(d) Did she decided to change her career while the mediation retreat was going on or is she going to pursue acting during the mediation retreat? I think it should be worded something like: During the meditation retreat, Bridget decided to leaver her career as an attorney and pursue acting.

I'm leaning towards (a) but not sure.

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    In A, "nearly" is misplaced. They cooked nearly two hundred pancakes, right? They didn't nearly cook them!

    In B, what's supposed to have lots of spices? the deli or the curries? Put the phrase "with lots of spices" right next to (or right after) whichever it's modifying.

    In C, ...

    In D, was Bridget going to pursue acting during the meditation retreat? Or was she going to pursue acting instead of pursuing her law career? The phrase "during the meditation retreat" needs to be placed next to whatever it's modifying. If it's modifying the whole sentence or the main verb, make it into an introductory phrase (just as "On the phone" is placed in C).

    Re-post if you have questions.

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