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please check these answers:
1. as a result of the Cuban Missile Crisis,
a. Fidel Castro was removed from power
b. the United States sest up missile sites in Cuba
c. the United States increased investments in Cuba
d. the Soviets removed their missiles


2. Several of the important decisions of the Supreme Court under Chief Justice Earl Warren focused on
a. protecting the constitutional rights of citizens accused of crimes
b. declaring Great Society legislation unconstitutional
c. continuing segregation policies in American public schools
d. medical care for the poor and the elderly


3. Which of the following best describes Kennedy's domestic policy success?
a. Congress supported nearly all his programs, but most were failures
b. he had won a popular madate that made passage of his programs easy
c. he rarely succeeded in pushing legislation through COngress
d. he launched a remarkable reform program that altered American society

B? (not sure about this one)

4. Critics of the Great Society complainted that it
a. helped only the middle class
b. gave the federal government too much authority
c. spent too little money
d. gave local communities too much governmental power


5. What effect did Supreme Court decision on apportionment bring out?
a. people accused of a crime must be informed of their rights
b. low-cost health insurance must be provided for the poor
c. electoral district had to be redrawn based on "one person, one vote"
d. criminal suspects must be given legal aid free if they cannot afford it


tahnks alot

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    Looks good! By George, I think you've got it.

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    thanks GuruBlue

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