8th grade

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how do you write a song that will knock over a cow?

  • 8th grade -

    Wow that's a tough question. Good luck maybe you could talk about being a farm and the cow being knocked over by a plow or something along that line. Good luck

  • 8th grade -

    In "Beef Flat"... in comparison to "B Flat" Ha Ha Ha.

  • 8th grade -


  • 8th grade -

    UH OH, Im getting this in grade 9 acedemic,

  • 8th grade -

    i have this at 7th grade

  • 8th grade -

    BEEF Flat.

  • 8th grade -

    its not beef flat retard.

  • 8th grade -

    mooo mooo little star

  • 8th grade -

    sing old mcdonald and push it over

  • 10th grade -

    Kill it :3

  • 6th grade -

    how is this 8th grade? Pythagorean property is not that hard, and im in 6th grade. I just looked at the crossed out syllables, not remaining

  • 8th grade -

    I have the work sheet for this and the answer is IN BEEF FLAT does anyone know the answer for the worksheet saying what is the title of this picture??

  • 8th grade -

    10th grade

  • 8th grade -

    In Beef Flat :3 Lolzzz Smh

  • 6th grade Math -

    I need help with this problem!! I have this problem that is... convert 12 and 1/2 as a percentage, but i can't figure it out!! Can someone help me?!!! That will be great!! :)

  • 9th grade -

    question: how did

  • 8th grade -

    The one with the picture is shelves with a high pot in use

  • 9th -

    IN Beef Flat

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