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Why did flappers shock some Americans?

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    Flappers wore short skirts -- the first women in history to uncover their legs!

    Flappers wore slacks -- the first women in history to wear men's clothing.

    Flappers danced to jazz -- the first generation to listen to and dance to "obscene" music.

    Flappers bobbed their hair so that it was almost as short as men's hair -- the first women in history to do so.

    Flappers flocked to cities for jobs -- and lived on their own -- without chaperones.

    I've always been intrigued by flappers because my mother was a flapper. Consider her mother (who died in 1979 -- who never ever wore pants, never had short hair -- and always wore a full corset when she danced with a boy when she was a teenager.

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