Romeo and Juliet quotation help!

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I'm reading act 2 of Romeo and Juliet and I have no idea what the quote, "that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet" means. Could someone please help me thanks:)


  • Romeo and Juliet quotation help! -

    A rose smells sweet. If we called a rose by a different name it would still smell sweet.

    Check this site.

  • Romeo and Juliet quotation help! -

    It different really help me do you have any other meanings.

  • Romeo and Juliet quotation help! -

    If you read the site I posted, you'd find what Juliet meant when she said that quote.

    What is keeping Romeo and Juliet from being out in the open with their love?

  • Reply: To Mrs. Sue -

    The family feud. Is this what the quote means that if we call Romeo something besides a Montague he would still be known as a Montague.


  • Romeo and Juliet quotation help! -

    You're getting there.

    Juliet says she'd love Romeo no matter what his name is or who is family is.

  • Thanks Mrs. Sue!! -

    Thank you so much you really helped me out! Now I can finish act 2 it's getting so romantic.


  • Romeo and Juliet quotation help! -


    You're welcome.

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