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I really need help with this assignment. please help me revise this assignment thank you.

Two approaches to measuring patient outcomes are:
1) Applying process management to occupational medicine – this process involves frequency and timing of patient visits, referral patterns for consultation and diagnostic testing.
2) Communication: physician-employer-patient – when physicians takes the time to call their patient’s employers to report on the patient’s condition, (if after an initial visit, the case does not follow the expected course) or activity status, those physicians not only achieve better outcomes in terms of the amount of disability that their patients incur, they also find an increased degree of satisfaction from both patients and employers.
Health-care workers play very active roles in determining quality care for their patient. The role is broad and duties are widely distributed in this regard starting from nurses, care assistants, support workers, doctors and even the administration. Every one is responsible with there own limitations and quality check procedures. The aims are wide to ensure good quality care being delivered to the patients, avoiding mal-practices and negligence by the health care workers. The most important factor is health care workers act like a time to deliver and ensure quality care. T
he regulatory body or authority must be independent and helpful in the implementation of quality care procedures being delivered by the health care workers. I would say health care workers must contribute to the betterment of quality care in the health system which should be accessible to indoor, outdoor, emergency department patients as well as in clinics, care homes and other health centers. The quality care system is like a pyramid each and every health care regarding the duties fits in that pyramid.

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