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I am currently balancing chemical equations. A few of them I am not sure if I correctly balanced or not, so could you check them over so I don't continue to do them wrong?

C3H8+O2 yields CO2+H2O. I balanced it as 1C3H8+5 O2+4H2O. If this isn't right, could you explain what's correct and why?

4Fe+3O2 yields 2 Fe2O3 is how I balanced Fe+O2. Is this right?

Thank you for your help.

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    C3H8+O2 yields CO2+H2O. I balanced it as 1C3H8+5 O2+4H2O. If this isn't right, could you explain what's correct and why?
    I think you omitted a 3CO2. It should be C3H8 + 5O2 ==> 3CO2 + 4H2O
    You don't need to place the 1 in front of C3H8. If we write C3H8, it is understood to be 1 unless some other coefficient is place there.

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