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Business Communication

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You are a technical writer in a large company, working on a training manual to help new users learn the company's computer system. Employees will use your manual in training seminars taught by your company's trainers. the manual will aslo serve as an on-the-job reference later. Bothe the system analysts who designed the computer system and the trainers will comment on your draft. The trainers would be classified as what kind of audience for your manual?

a) Watchdog

b) Gatekeeper

c) Primary

d) Secondary

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    We'll be glad to check your answer.

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    I have completed this lesson but was having some trouble and wanted someone else to check over it before i submitted. After looking through several other students post, it looked as if they were just asking the question - instead of giving their answer and one respond.

    After reading Chapter 2, bout identifying your audience, i felt like the best answer was D-secondary audience. I'm really not that confident in this lesson though.

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    We will sometimes answer one or two multiple choice questions from a person. However, when I saw a lot of your posts and no attempt to answer them, I turned the answer back to you.

    I believe you're right that the trainers are a secondary audience.

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    D - I am not so sure about my answer

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