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Does this sound right?
Describe your assigned method and how it is used to evaluate geologic time.

My assigned method was Absolute Dating / Numerical Age. Absolute Dating / Numerical Age is the process that assigns a numerical age ( this tells how old a rock or fossil is);to a rock or a fossil using radiometric dating ( the method that uses radioactive decay of certain living- organisms) called radiometric isotopes. Since decay pairs have steady decay rates, they can have a known half life. By comparing parentages or parents isotopes to stable children or daughter isotopes and the decay rate, the age can be determined, usually with minimal error.

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    I would reduce the words in parentheses to phrases instead of clauses, delete the semicolon before "to a rock," delete the extra spaces after each opening parenthesis, and make sure there's a space after each word, comma, closing parenthesis, and period.

    The content reads fine. A science tutor will let you know if there are errors in the content of your paragraph.

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