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Algebra 1- 8th Grade

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What is the relationship between the
x-intercepts of a parabola and its vertex's x-coordinate?

  • Algebra 1- 8th Grade -

    if you average the x-intercepts , you get the x coordinate of the vertex.

    y = x^2 - 2x - 8
    = (x-4)(x+2)

    so the x intercepts are 4 and -2

    average of those = (-2 + 4)/2 = 1

    so the vertex is (1, ...)

  • Algebra 1- 8th Grade -

    If I were to write down:
    "When you find the median between the two intercepts, it is the x-intercept of the vertex."
    do you think that's a true relationship still ?

  • Algebra 1- 8th Grade -

    I would use the word "mean"

    "Mean" is what is known as the average in everyday language, "median" is the middle value of a set of data.
    Of course if you only have two data values, as the x-intercepts, it actually does not matter.

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