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1. during the 1950 americans placed the most value in
a. comfort and security.
b security and cauton.
c. adventure and excitment.
d. rock and roll and nigth.
answer d.

2. one of president truman greatest challenges in reconverting to a peacetime economy was
a. securing passage of the taft-hartley act.
b. keeping inflation in check.
c. appeasing women who lost their jobs to returning soldiers.
d. encouraging mass production of consumer goods.
answer a

3. what manor effect did the transistor have on technology?
a. it temporarily slowed the developed of new technology.
b. it reduced the size of electronic appliances.
c. it ended the popularity of radio.
d. it made nuclear power possible
aswer a

4. in the 1950 scientists succeeded in using atomic energy to.
a. generate electrical power.
b. steamline computers.
c. make bettet vaccines.
d. run automobiles.
answer c

  • us history -

    Please check your book again. I believe all of your answers are wrong.

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