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chemistry. please help!!!

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A voltaic cell is constructed based on the following reaction and initial concentrations:
Fe2+ (0.0050M) + Ag+ (2.2M) -> Fe3+ (0.0050M) + Ag(s)

calculate [Fe2+] when the cell reaction reaches equilbrium

i'm so confused. please help. thank you!

  • chemistry. please help!!! -

    Kc =[ Fe+3] / [Fe+2][Ag+]

    You must be given the equilibrium constant or have access to enough information to calculated it. Since you have the initial concentrations of Fe^+2, Ag^+ and Fe^+3 with a known Kc, you can set up a table of data leadinf to an equation for changes in concentrations, that will lead to the equilibrium concentrations. I will not get into it with more info about the Kc.

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