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We are doing research papers in my English class on controversial issues. My topic is endangered species and we need to present the two different sides of the issue. I am unsure of what two sides I should write about.

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    Conservationists want to protect endangered species while some other people see no point in interrupting their businesses to save these creatures.

    To find information against saving endangered species, you could Google tree hugger.

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    Apparently tree-hugger has become a complimentary term for conservationists -- so you'll find pro conservationists with that search term.

    This article, though, should get you started learning about those who oppose saving endangered species.


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    Sometimes there are also news stories and other pieces of information that seem to be contradictory. See the articles here for just one example:
    I guess it depends on where the counts are taken -- Canada or Alaska or ?

    When people are presented with conflicting information, especially from trusted sources, how do they react? (I know that question leads to generalizing, which is not a good idea.) Different people react in different ways.

    You might want to explore sources of information regarding particular topics within the conservation field and see what you find. Then see if you can discover how different people react to differing information.

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