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A clinic employs 9 physicians. 5 of the physicians are female. 4 patients arrive at once. Assuming the doctors are assigned randomly to patients, what is the probability that all of the assigned physicians are female?

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    What do you mean Ms. Sue

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    I changed the school subject from college to probability and am requesting help for your question.

    Most of the tutors look for specific subjects in which they feel confident. Since college is NOT a subject, many tutors will pass it by.

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    If you randomly assign the physicians to the patients, you are randomly drawing from the latter number of possibilities. Each of these possibilities is equally likely, so the probability of any given possibility is 1 divided the total number ways are there to choose 4 out of the total of 9

    So, if there are N possible ways to assign 4 female physicians to the patients, then the probability is N times the probability of one particular outcome.

    Therefore the probability is the ratio of the number of ways you can choose 4 physicians out of the group of 5 females to the number of ways there are to choose 4 out of the total of 9.

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