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What would happen if the temperature of the tundra increased by 20*F? The exact degree doesn't matter so if you answer my question but with like 10 degrees or 50 or something please tell me. Oh and please don't just list a site that would help me. I need the answer and I've checked lots of sites so I just need it in your words. Like the carbon dioxide levels will increase and the food chain will become all distorted and the humans would die. Please help me.

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    Considering the tundra in the polar region, it is cold year-round. Scientists are worried about the warming because if the layer of permafrost (ice that never goes away) melts, the soil will decompose, releasing carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere. Because the tundra is flat, there will be bogs and shallow lakes that won't drain. If you see some photos, you can see green grass, especially in the inland regions and it has been known to warm to 60, even 90 degrees in some areas.

    The ecosystem will change, although they aren't exactly sure about the ultimate effect. There are marvelous photos from the Toolik Field Station in northern Alaska.

    My grandfather came from north of the Arctic Circle where people have adapted to the climate. I always thought I'd like to visit the Ice Palace, but you'd need to go there by dog sled!


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