3rd grade, social studies

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What is the "Middle Period" of China? Where can I find pros and cons of communism that an 8 y/o can understand & discuss?

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    I like to explain Communism as like being in a family. The adults give the kids what they need -- food, shelter, and clothing. In return, the children give to the family what they can -- from simple to more complex chores, depending upon their ages. In Communism, the government is like parents and the ordinary people are like the children.

    The problem comes when the government gets greedy and doesn't give the people what they need. Also -- adults are not like children in a family because they have the right to govern themselves.

    These sites explain the Middle Period and Communism.

    (Broken Link Removed)


  • 3rd grade, social studies -


  • 3rd grade, social studies -

    had do i use communism in a sentence?

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