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Why do you people help dumb down America? How did people do homework before the invention of the computer?
It's called research!! Why not let the students use their freakin brains for a change?

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    I disagree with your philosophy. We aren't dumbing down America. There are many students out there who need a little help. They are confused, bewildered, and don't know where to turn next. We offer an outlet to the alternative. The alternative is to simply put up the books, give up, stop going to class, adopt the attitude that this takes a smart person to do it, so I must be dumb. I'll get a job. We don't do the homework but we try to give hints to help get the students back onto the right track. Or we may work one problem completely through to show the procedure. Finally, you must note that what one person has a tough time explaining may be much easier for another person to explain. We offer the other person. It is to America's advantage if we can help someone understand an otherwise very difficult problem.

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    Nonya, you must not have noticed that we do not do student's homework for them. We do give the suggestions of where to look for the answers to their questions. If they repost with their own thinking we will give them suggestions for additional information or corrections that need to be made. We definitely encourage students to use their own heads and initiative.

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    sometimes researching won't help. I know I like to have someone show me how to do something.

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